Domestic Violence Attorney – How to Get a Restraining Order?

Whether you are the victim or the abuser, you may be able to find some help with a domestic violence attorney in Irvine. You might be facing a temporary spousal support order or an Emergency Protective Order. Both of these are designed to protect you and your children from a nefarious spouse.

A restraining order is a legal document that enjoins a spouse, partner or child from harming you or your property. The order is issued when an officer suspects that you or your property are at risk. The restraining order is effective the moment the court issues it.

The best way to obtain a restraining order is to contact a competent Irvine domestic violence attorney. They are familiar with the law and can help you make the best case for your claim.

The legal system of California is complex and can require the assistance of a highly skilled attorney. The right lawyer can streamline every aspect of a domestic violence case and improve your chances of holding your abuser accountable.

Getting a restraining order is not an easy process. Your abuser might try to pressure you into withdrawing your complaint or simply refuse to sign a declaration. You might even have to submit a sworn statement for the court’s consideration.

The best way to prove you are not the culprit is to contact a competent domestic violence attorney in Irvine. A reputable firm will not only provide you with the legal advice you need but also be a strong advocate for you and your children.